Pricing and Information

Base Web Deisgn Package – $500

- splash page (aka home page) plus 4 pages built in WordPress (so you can update it yourself) or Dreamweaver (you can update it yourself by purchasing Adobe Contribute)

Extras (prices case by case):
- Extra pages
- Graphic intensive sites with different templates on each page or lots of customization are usually going to be built with Dreamweaver and will require you to purchase software if you would like to maintain it yourself (sample here)
- Photo prep (Photoshopping pictures, resizing, extracting, etc)
- Shopping cart
- Integration with other software

What to expect:

In order to get ready to build the website, you will need to think about how you would like it to be structured (how many pages, what will be on the navigation menu, the structure of the sitemap, etc).

If you have any specific requests for colors or themes they should be communicated to me before we begin. Sometimes it is best to send me links to several websites that you like with a blurb about what you like about them.

1 – You will need to register a domain name and buy webhosting. I will need access to your FTP login information

2 – I will need all the photos you would like included on the site and all of the text before I begin designing. Be sure to proof read the text before sending it to me because I do not proof read, I just drop the text onto the site as you have given it to me. Please send all of the materials to me in one cluster of emails on the same day, rather than in bits and pieces. In other words, please have everything ready at the same time.

3 – After I get all of your instructions and materials I will design a sample template in Photoshop. I will email it to you as an attachment. We will go back and forth a few times to revise the template. Or, if you would like a WordPress site, I will send you a few sample themes to choose from.

4 – Once we have something that we both like, I will start building it online. I will send you links to the online work in progress. At this point I will be adding text, photo galleries, slide shows and video clips.

5 – Payment is due once the site is complete.

6 – We do not offer a regular maintenance package and prefer not to perform updates, though we can do so for a fee and on a case-by-case basis depending on availability. If you know that will need to make regular updates to your site you should considering purchasing software that will allow you to do so. Here is some user-friendly software for beginners.

**There will be an extra charge of $50 per hour if I have to redo work that is already completed due to the customer’s disorganization. Examples of this include rewriting text that was not proof read, restructuring the navigation menu because the customer forgot to include a page in the instructions, or changing your mind about elements that have already been approved.

How long will it take?

The answer to this question largely depends on how long it takes you to get the materials together. Once I have everything it usually doesn’t take more than 2 weeks to get the site up and running. If I am out of town or if I have several other sites in the cue it will take a little longer. I will let you know what my immediate schedule looks like and give you a specific time estimate when the materials are submitted.

How do I choose between a WordPress and Dreamweaver?

WordPress pros:

  • easy to update yourself (Dreamweaver requires purchasing software to update yourself)
  • a clean, modern look
  • templates can easily haveĀ  slider images on the front page, fancy photo galleries, a mobile-friendly version, and more motion and interactivity on the page. Here is an example of a WordPress site:
  • Supports blogs

Dreamweaver pros:

  • this format supports very graphic intensive sites and offers a lot of design flexibility (WordPress sites come from a template where some elements can’t be changed. Here is an example of a Dreamweaver site
  • if you wish to make your own updates by purchasing Adobe Contribute, you might find it more intuitive to use than the WordPress updating interface (though people comfortable with learning new software will not have a problem)